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Solar Energy


Website redesign and development for Megamax Solar
Customer Background:

Megamax Solar provide state of art services for Installation of Roof Top and various types of Ground based Solar systems for multiple applications as per requirement of their customers. They are a customer centric organization and committed to provide a hustle free ownership by our customers of solar system supplied & installed by them. They believe in long term relationship with their customers by providing post commissioning services like Annual Maintenance Contract, solar panel cleaning etc. Megamax Solar believes in Quality of supply and services. They keep track of installed systems through remote monitoring by their expert and timely action is initiated to ensure maximum output from the system. Their Customer Care wing is equipped to provide fastest action for any customer complains.

The Problem statement:

They had outdated design and functionality, poor user experience, low performance, and visibility of their website.


We collected requirements, established goals and objectives, and produced wireframes and sitemaps. The development of the front end and back end then began.

Solutions given:

We’ve created an engaging website featuring interactive elements, powered by a robust Content Management System (CMS), to empower our clients to manage their portal effortlessly. Following successful deployment and rigorous testing, the project has garnered high satisfaction levels. Presently, we diligently maintain and support the website to ensure its continued functionality and performance.

Technologies used:
Outcome & Benefits

Our commitment to delivering top-tier services ensured the timely completion of their interactive website, surpassing set deadlines. This empowered our customer to seamlessly execute their marketing plan, leveraging the portal to generate leads and swiftly transition into profitable outcomes.

Testimonials (Text or Video):

“Working with Megamax Services on our website development project was an absolute pleasure. From the initial consultation to the final launch, their team demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and a genuine commitment to our vision. Our new website not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly, thanks to their attention to detail and expertise. We’ve received numerous compliments from clients and colleagues alike, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you, Megamax Services, for bringing our vision to life!”

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Frequently Asked Questions !!

Renewable energy is a form of energy obtained from sources that are available in nature like water, wind, and sunlight. Power from these sources reduces carbon emissions, and global warming, and protects human health.


Wind power, solar power, hydrogen, geothermal power, biofuels, tidal power, and hydropower are the common types of renewable energy sources. All of these sources in nature can provide reliable energy in remote locations.


Renewable energy provides numerous advantages like a freely available source of energy production which is available in abundance. These sources provide great energy access in developing areas. It helps in reducing monthly utility bills and also leads to higher job creation for the development, installation, and maintenance of renewable energy technologies.


There is a misconception that renewable energy system installation is highly costly and can break the bank. Switching to this clean and green energy is not only an environmentally-conscious decision but economical also. Using renewable energy helps in saving a lot of monthly utility bills. Moreover, the Indian government is also providing multiple schemes and incentives to encourage the adoption of green energy.


Well, there is no specific answer to it. The cost may vary based on what type of renewable energy you will need. It also depends on some other factors like where you want to install the renewable energy systems, from which company you’re getting the services, your environmental conditions, and more.


All renewable energy systems generate almost no pollution during their production and usage (much less than traditional fossil fuel power systems). For example, solar power plants generate no harmful greenhouse gases during their operation.


Anyone can install solar energy systems and use solar power if they have the required space for the installation and enough sunlight for solar power production. There is also an option of community solar that allows more than one household to share the electricity produced by solar systems. Be sure to check the guidelines and regulations of your local community to avail of the incentives and other schemes.


There is no specific type of renewable energy source that can be considered the best among all. That’s because the use highly depends on the location. Solar energy is best suited for areas that receive many hours of sunlight.


Considering the need to save nature from global warming, it is expected that renewable energy has a bright future and will soon replace fossil fuels which cause greenhouse gas emissions. Oil and coal are present in a finite amount and will run out eventually in the future.


Most Indian places have sufficient renewable energy sources to meet residential power needs. Solar panels for households or solar rooftop systems can be installed on the residential rooftop without requiring purchasing a separate land. For more information about the use of specific renewable energy, contact your renewable energy solution provider.


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