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Customer Background:

Daikin Comfort Technologies is a leading manufacturer of residential air conditioners in the world’s biggest HVAC market. In addition to existing functions, new R&D division was added to strengthen the product development capability as part of efforts to further expand business in North America. With the global movement in recent years toward carbon neutrality, concern for the environment is rapidly increasing. Aiming to establish a corporate brand in the region as an environmentally advanced company. At Daikin Comfort Technologies, they are established to respond to the environment and promoting wider usage of HVAC products that employ such environmental technologies as low global warming potential refrigerant HFC-32 (R32), inverters, and heat pumps.

The Problem statement:

They faced challenges in acquiring the required skill sets from their existing suppliers to meet their business needs.


Identify the specialized expertise required to fill the identified gaps. Continuously assess the performance of chosen experts based on predefined metrics and KPIs. Seek feedback from the client to ensure their evolving needs are effectively addressed.

Solutions given:

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of their needs to fully grasp their challenges. Following this, we assembled a team of highly skilled RPG developers known for their expertise in handling complex development tasks. By customizing a team to their precise requirements, we aimed to address every aspect of their development needs with precision and efficiency. Our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions is evident in our strategic approach to providing specialized expertise, empowering our clients to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals confidently.

Technologies used:
Outcome & Benefits

We efficiently optimized their operational practices and completed their project on schedule while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our 24/7 services provided seamless support, helping them improve efficiency and ultimately increase their revenues.

Testimonials (Text or Video):

“Working with Megamax Services on our website development project was an absolute pleasure. From the initial consultation to the final launch, their team demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and a genuine commitment to our vision. Our new website not only looks fantastic but also functions flawlessly, thanks to their attention to detail and expertise. We’ve received numerous compliments from clients and colleagues alike, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you, Megamax Services, for bringing our vision to life!”

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Frequently Asked Questions !!

Manufacturing needs management and in this fast-paced digitally transforming ecosystem it requires to have a managed IT solution for manufacturing to increase production capacities and enhance efficiency.


With Megamax’s IT solutions your manufacturing processes get digitally transformed and build advanced manufacturing capabilities by leveraging the latest advanced technologies to improve your product quality and production capacity.


Yes we do offer inventory management solutions, We deliver a customized solution for the allocation and delivery of inventories that integrates with your warehousing system.


Megamax offers assets management solutions, inventory management solutions, process automation, supply chain management, and document management solutions.


Megamax understands that supply chain management should be traceable, transparent, and reliable. Therefore, we integrate the best IT solution for supply chain management that starts tracing right the early stage of raw material procurement till to the end-user delivery.


Our Robotic Process Automation integrates bots into your manufacturing setup. It helps to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process by eliminating or minimizing human errors by automating repetitive tasks.


Megamax services offer a wide array of IT, Digital, and technological services including IT infrastructure development, Cloud development, Application development and maintenance, web designing and development, IT automation, etc. Our team consists of professionals from all domains to deliver the best of each field to the clients.


Megamax serves its expertise in various industries including Automobiles, BFSI, Education, Healthcare and life science, transport, logistics, life-science, retail, etc.


Megamax values 4 principles of work that is collaboration, transparency, trust, and flexibility. We work with the best tech-savvy teams to share innovations and ideas to deliver the best results, we offer complete service transparency to our clients, we build trust among clients, and offer flexible and customized working solutions.


Our headquarter is located in Noida, India with a global presence in the USA. We deliver our IT Managed Services and technology through branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bengaluru, UK, Phillipines, and US.


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