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Our Leadership Journey

Alison Brown

Head Manager

Mr. Rajesh Singh

Chief Executive Office

Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there was a young man named Rajesh who had a deep passion for technology and finding solutions to day-to-day problems by use of technology. From a young age, he was fascinated by computers and spent hours tinkering with them, learning how they worked and fixing any issues that arose.

After completing his education, Rajesh worked for multiple IT multi-national companies such as AMWAY, IDC, HCL. He was dedicated and hardworking, always going the extra mile to ensure that his clients’ needs were met. However, he soon noticed a common theme among his clients – they were frustrated with the lack of customer service and having the technical expertise in the IT services industry.

Determined to make a difference, Rajesh decided to take matters into his own hands. He founded his own IT services company, Megamax Services, with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and hiring the best technical talent available. He also never compromised on the quality of hiring as that was most important for everything else right to happen for his customers. Openly several branch offices in India to ensure top talent hiring and HR practices implementation to build a great Organizational culture to have very happy workforce was his primary focus. He knew that this was his opportunity to change the game and set a new standard for the industry.

Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Rajesh persevered. He worked tirelessly, building his company from the ground up, and slowly but surely, his hard work began to pay off.

Word of Rajesh’s exceptional service and technical expertise spread quickly, and soon, Megamax Services became known as the go-to IT services provider globally and top customer satisfaction and retention. Customers loved working with Rajesh and his team, not just because of their technical skills, but also because of the care and attention they received.

As the years went by, Megamax Services has grown into a multi-million-dollar business, with clients ranging from small startups to large corporations. Despite his success, Rajesh remained humble and never forgotten his roots. He continues to lead his company with integrity and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every customer was treated with the same level of care and respect, no matter how small or big.

Today, Megamax Services company is a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a passion for customer service. He is not just a successful IT services professional, but also a beloved figure in the industry, admired and respected by all who know him. He is now a serial entrepreneur and a Angel investor, helping many young Entrepreneurs realize their Startup dreams. He takes pride in being a major employment generator for the country and his story serves as an inspiration to many, proving that with the right attitude and a willingness to persevere, anything is possible.

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