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Infra Managed Services

Infra Managed Svcs

NextGen Datacenter Services

  • Scalable and flexible NextGen Datacenter Services that are as per the evolving business needs.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and efficient designs that abide by the green principles.
  • NextGen Datacenter Services that follow the best risk management procedures.
  • We have in-market expertise and we are known for our datacenter innovation that is as per business needs.
  • Enhance your existing infrastructure seamlessly with Megamax agile data center solutions.

Nextgen Network Services

  • Complete management of network infrastructure and provision of quality experience to the end-user.
  • Faster rollout.
  • Better network infrastructure always improves business efficiency and also helps in maximizing the ROI.
  • Management of faults in the network with ease.
  • Our offered Network services improve the performance of your business.

Iseries and Mainframe Services

  • Complete system management solutions which include output management, performance management, etc.
  • For database performance and management services also you can choose Megamax Iseries and Mainframe Services.
  • Megamax Iseries and Mainframe Services is best for backup, recovery, and storage management.
  • For network performance and network management connect with the experts.
  • We also offer services like programming, testing, web integration and legacy reengineering tools connect with us.
  • Asset management, security compliance, and change management services.


Assessment and Planning:
  • We conduct an Environment Profiling exercise of your current IT infrastructure to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.
  • We define your goals and objectives for implementing managed IT infrastructure services, such as reducing costs, improving performance, availability, customer satisfaction or enhancing security.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Development:
  • We define the scope of services, performance metrics, and responsibilities in a comprehensive SLA.
  • We ensure the SLA includes provisions for security, compliance, and data protection in line with the above.
Transition Planning:
  • We work with you to develop a transition plan that outlines the steps and timeline for migrating to the managed IT infrastructure services model.
Infrastructure Setup and Configuration:
  • We set up and configure the managed IT infrastructure according to your requirements.
  • We ensure that all necessary software, hardware, and networking components are properly installed and configured.
Monitoring and Management:
  • We implement monitoring tools and processes to continuously monitor the performance, availability, and security of your IT infrastructure.
  • We implement best practices for security, such as regular security audits, patch management, and threat detection.
Backup and Disaster Recovery:
  • We implement a backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your data and ensure business continuity including a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.
User Support:
  • We will provide user support services to address technical issues and assist with IT-related inquiries.
  • We offer a help desk or support portal for users to report issues and request assistance.
Review and Continuous Improvement:
  • We regularly review the performance and effectiveness of the managed IT infrastructure services.
  • We identify areas for improvement and implement changes to optimize the services.

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