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Customer Background: 

Tap’N’Care is a Canada’s leading provider of Healthcare Professionals using smart technology to connect families or facilities. Tap’N’Care was started to revolutionize workforce management strategy in the healthcare sector. They believe quality care should be readily available and easily accessible either for advance or last-minute requests. The platform puts you in charge of your care by giving you direct access to hundreds of highly qualified and exceptional healthcare providers on demand. They believe in transparency and relevant information about our Healthcare Professionals are available for review on our platform.

The Problem statement:

They had engaged another company to develop their mobile app and website, but encountered issues with their services. To salvage the project, we intervened midway and took over to ensure its successful completion.


We conducted a Knowledge Transfer from the previous developers and assigned a capable team to take over from them. We successfully managed the project to completion.

Solutions given:

We formed a specialized team comprising Android, iOS, and PHP developers, with a primary goal of thoroughly examining the current codebase to detect and resolve any issues. Committed to excellence, our team took on the challenge of stabilizing the code before moving on to develop new modules. Their dedication to delivering impeccable results showcases our commitment to surpassing client expectations and attaining project success.

Technologies used:
Outcome & Benefits

We completed the development of their Android and iOS apps, as well as their website, to the client’s full satisfaction. This integrated digital solution greatly enhanced their online presence, increased brand awareness, and improved customer engagement. By aiding in lead generation and offering a consistent user experience across various platforms, our work has been instrumental in stimulating business growth, attracting new customers, and enabling the client to accomplish their strategic goals.


“Megamax Service’s knowledge of the mobile application ecosystem, innovative applications, and the developer community is fantastic. They’re always hands-on, and their resources are go-getters. I couldn’t thank them enough for all the effort made in our successful application.”

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Frequently Asked Questions !!

Yes, definitely. Megamax understands the critical nature of the Medical Field. Therefore, we have well-experienced professionals to work for you and have a proven experience record in terms of medical clients. Not only this, we have multiple rounds of cross-checking everything before sending the final deliverables and also we are up every time to help you in every way possible. You can check our previous client record on our website as well.


Yes, We can do it. For this, we can build a Digital Patient Care Platform. This platform will allow you to store records and information of your patients such as their past reports and other medical information. This will help in recollecting a patient’s old data even if they lose it and also will help in treating any of their medical emergencies better. Our professionals are an expert in creating this kind of platform for our clients and would be able to cater to you with the best.


The first step towards growing your business is consulting. At Megamax, we understand all the necessities of a business and the ongoing industry trends as well. That is a reason we offer Advisory Services as well. In this session of services, we sit down and listen to all your needs and doubts. Once you complete it, we make you understand all about the industry trends and how can your business adapt to those in the easiest and most budget-friendly way


You name it and we do it! Everything that can make your business meet the current online industry trends, we will do it for you! Whether it’s performing computing, cloud computing, or NextGen technologies, we can do it all for you. Megamax believes in providing top-notch all-rounder services and therefore, we have all custom-made and tailored solutions that are unique to your business and guarantee growth and success.


When we start working with you, we make sure to take each step with the utmost care and patience. Before starting out on the development or the working progress, we plan an entire detailed structure in writing and send it to you along with timelines. This helps both of us in understanding the work well and knowing the deadlines. Once that is approved, we start with the development/building process of the required solution or deliverables and make sure that the final deliverable is absolutely flawless and ready to go live. We give our heart and soul to our work and make sure that whatever we are sending you is up to the mark and of the best quality as guaranteed to you at the start of the agreement.


At Megamax, Client satisfaction and happiness is our top priority and thus we take every possible measure to ensure client satisfaction. Some of these measures include keeping you all informed about the progress of the project, completing work on given deadlines, and ensuring 100% communication throughout the entire process to keep you in the loop and updated as well. In addition to this, we also deliver Client satisfaction by the end work delivered and make sure that it is of the best quality to ensure the growth of your business.


Megamax provides a wide array of services for your business. This includes building your IT Infrastructure to share data and make communication easier. We also provide App development, website development, and a lot of other services as well. In addition to this, we have different well-experienced professionals working with us to provide the best of their domain to all our clients. Along with providing, a wide range of services, we also provide services in different sectors/areas as well.


We offer our services to travel, transport, logistics, hospitality, automobiles, BFSI, Education, manufacturing and retails, etc.


Megamax puts its client first by working on finding the solution to their problems with our core value of transparency in services, trust with clients, and collaborating with other skilled and innovative technical teams to deliver the best results possible.


Megamax has its headquarter situated in Noida, India, and also has a global presence in the USA. You can also visit any of our branches in Mumbai, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, UK, Phillipines, and US.


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