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Career & Work Culture

Team that Grows together Stays together

At Megamax, we're looking for people to join our team who are excited to shape the future that empowers the generation of Technologies.

Noida & Philippines
Intermediate Network Engineer
Customer Support Engineer – Freshers
Noida & Philippines
Intermediate Network Engineer

Join Our Team

We are looking for passionate and tech-savvy people who are self-motivated towards providing the best customer services and satisfaction. 

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Perks & Benefits

Grow with us

Megamax makes sure that its employees are being paid according to the current market norms. Our benefits package includes medical claims, dental and vision checkups, and treatment for employees and their spouses or dependent children. You’ll also have a benefit of 20 days of paid family leaves, or adoption, maternity leaves. Along with daily lunch and snacks at the office.

Balanced Work and Personal Life

We believe in well-balanced work and personal life because Mentally refreshed and happy employees always give their best performance. Our PTO plans help employees to take their time off from work and focus on their personal life. And we encourage our staff to pursue their passion along with their current profession so that they won’t get mentally exhausted.

Become a Part of the organization and Stay Updated

We make sure that every employee feels like they are an integral part of the organization. We keep our employees well informed and updated with the necessary information they need for performing their jobs well. We also conduct various meetings, circulate emails and newsletters.

We feel lucky to have you

We are always thankful to our employees for their hard work to make the organization successful therefore we share our organization’s success with our employees by providing them well-deserved bonuses and compensations along with an annual contribution towards pension and provident funds.

We contribute to your Personal Development

We want you to keep growing and learning and help you with gaining experience and expertise for your personal development. Hence, every now and then we arrange workshops related to different aspects of professional and social welfare programs and community activities.

Be part of our Fun and engaging Company

We can assure you that you’re gonna enjoy the company of fun-loving and welcoming staff who will always be there to cheer you up. We conduct weekly bonding activities for employees to get together and connect with each other.

Award Winning

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Well Allowances

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Career Develop

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